We understand the importance of individualized, attentive, quality healthcare; especially for one of the most vulnerable populations- the elderly. This is why we partner with Assisted-Living facilities to provide care to their residents.  

The benefits of such partnerships include:

  • Generous length visits

  • In-home, convenient, unhurried appointments

  • Responsive providers

  • Wellness checks

  • Extensive preventive care with yearly comprehensive examinations

  • Early diagnosis and thorough treatment

  • Treatment of acute and episodic illnesses

  • Chronic care management

  • Continuity & coordination of care with other physicians, specialists, hospitals, facility staff, and family members.

  • Prescription management

  • Pain management

  • Treatment of memory loss and dementia

  • Advanced care planning​​


We currently provide care to residents of the following facilities:

cedar hill.jpg
seven hills.jpg

If you are affiliated with an Assisted Living Facility that is not listed above, and you are interested in our services, please contact our office for more information.